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I am a published author and have recently been working towards developing an Indie Studio that would distribute original content over a variety of entertainment mediums. I am also a voice actor.

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Episode 1 is out and some Updates

Posted by AdamTilford - August 21st, 2013

Wow, to be honest, I haven't really felt connected to the Newgrounds community in years. I started posting on a whim in 2008, not an animator, more of a side artist specifically for my writing. I don't consider myself an animator, I consider myself a writer, an author. That's what I do, that's what I'm good at. Writing prose and full on stories. But above all else, I'm a creative type and I like to dabble in things and improve. I started to teach myself animation because I simply just wanted to add another dimension/medium to my books. Like most, I started off really bad but it was a great learning experience. The first 4 episodes I posted on Newgrounds from 2008 to 2011 were an amazing learning experience. I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for them.

Of course, I still have a lot to improve with, but honestly, for the first time I feel remotely confident in the product I've put out. It's still a bit weird for me, converting a prose based story to script/episodic. But the flow and pacing will get better as it goes along. Episode 1 was a good way for me to break through the doubt that I had, wondering if I could do this. Life's been rather shit the past 6 months, it was very hard to find time to do any real work, so a lot of it was done after my 9-5 and before bed. I'm just happy it's done and out now. It was a bit too character focused, included too many, but half of them won't be showing up again for a while and were really only there for foreshadowing/to put questions to the world in a way. The next few episodes are more focused and the character development is more balanced with action. Writing a book is simple, since you can have a chapter be more focused on character development, but you can read the next one right away, so it really doesn't hurt anything. With animation, there's going to be a wait time, and I didn't really take that into account with Episode 1. But what's done is done, and overall I am extremely happy with how it turned out, knowing exactly what to improve for the next episode.

Episode 1 being featured on Newgrounds is amazing and I honestly don't feel it deserves it, but I am so thankful and honored that it has been. The reception of support that was given with its release has been overwhelming and really put back my drive and focus.

Episode 2 is already being worked on. Episode 2 Early Preview

You can follow the series on Facebook

I'm aiming for a November release. Episode 1 took 6 months to produce, mainly because I had so much going on and so little time to work on it. But towards the end of it, I found a much more comfortable and efficient way of animating. That's going to help further episodes come out faster.

Again, thank you all for the support and even the tips on what to improve for the next episode.

Episode 1 is out and some Updates

Comments (3)

Everyone can acknowledge the hard work, and its coming together! You're heading in the right direction, animating does have its rewards and that can only carry on into the next! Look forward to ep 2 release!

You go, man!
When I watched Shattered Heaven Ep. 1, the last comment posted happened to be the one of a guy named SirBladewind. He was being really harsh, and only gave you 2 stars out of 5, but I think he overall made some very good points on some stuff (and, why, he even finished the comment with "Good luck. I'll be watching you.") I say this because in case you missed that comment, I personally thought it was very interesting for future improvement.
Though I didn't feel the same as him because I liked Ep. 1 quite a lot and I'm looking forward to see Ep.2 :)
And what do you mean, "you don't deserve it"? Of course you deserve frontpage! Do you see any other animator at the moment trying to make a non-comedic more than 10 mins serious animation? It takes will to do this, you totally deserve it, even though the flash is not completely perfect, that place is yours and I hope you stay on the frontpage for a while and accumulate fans :)

Well keep it going and I'll be here to watch Ep. 2. It only gets better with practice, so you gotta like that!